Azzy Gojo Figure Video Sparks Controversy: Unveiling the Shocking Incident

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In the dynamic landscape of online fandoms, an unexpected and deeply controversial incident has emerged, centering around a TikTok video posted by a user known as “Azzy.” This individual, a 16-year-old avid Jujutsu Kaisen fan, intended to express their admiration for the popular anime character Gojo through a seemingly innocent showcase of a figurine near a bathroom sink. However, what unfolded in the video was anything but ordinary, thrusting the anime community into a whirlwind of shock and debate. This article delves into the details of the “Azzy Gojo Figure Video,” unraveling the unsettling content that has ignited a firestorm on social media, prompting a cascade of reactions and discussions.

Azzy Gojo Figure Video
Azzy Gojo Figure Video

The Azzy Gojo Figure Video

The controversy ignited when Azzy shared a TikTok video on January 16, 2024. In the video, the Gojo figurine takes center stage near a bathroom sink, only to become the subject of a shocking act. Azzy is seen squeezing what appears to be a used tampon onto the figurine, resulting in a disturbing cascade of red liquid. This unexpected and graphic turn in content sparked immediate speculation and controversy, leaving viewers questioning the intentions behind the video and the nature of the red substance—prompting debates on whether it was genuine or simulated with water and red food coloring.

Azzy Gojo Figure Video
Azzy Gojo Figure Video

Community Response and Backlash

The aftermath of Azzy’s video release was swift and intense, with the content quickly going viral and amassing 188.3k views within a few hours. The community’s response was diverse, ranging from shock and disgust to genuine concern for the mental well-being of the content creator. Comment sections across various platforms were flooded with users seeking clarification on the motives behind the video. Some viewers speculated that the red substance might be a visual effect, attempting to distance the act from the use of actual bodily fluids. Despite the outcry, Azzy chose to remain silent, leaving an air of mystery around the video and intensifying the controversy.

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Unanswered Questions and Concerns

The lack of a response from Azzy fueled ongoing speculation and raised numerous questions within the anime community. Users expressed frustration and discomfort, not only with the content itself but also with the potential implications of such actions becoming a trend within online fandoms. Concerns were raised about the responsible use of social media platforms and the potential harm such graphic content might cause, especially given the age demographic of the audience.

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Impact on the Anime Community

Beyond the immediate shock, the Azzy Gojo Figure Video has triggered discussions about the boundaries of content creation within online fandoms. The incident has prompted soul-searching within the community, highlighting the need for responsible content sharing and sparking debates on ethical considerations in the digital age.


The Azzy Gojo Figure Video stands as a testament to the power of online communities in shaping narratives and influencing discussions. As the anime community grapples with the aftermath of this shocking incident, it serves as a reminder of the responsibilities that come with online expression and the potential impact it can have on both creators and consumers.

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