Christine Sinclair Net Worth in 2023 How Rich is She Now? Update

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Net worth of Christine Sinclair

According to our research, the estimated net worth of Christine Sinclair is $10 million. Christine Sinclair’s net worth is largely a result of her success as a football player.

Name Christine Sinclair
Net worth (2023) $10 million
Occupation canadian footballer
Date of birth June 12, 1983
Age 40 years
Height (5 feet 9 inches) 175 cm
lester (128 lbs) 58 kg
Place of birth Burnaby, Canada
Nationality canadian

Who is Christine Sinclair?

Christine Sinclair (born June 12, 1983) is a Canadian professional soccer player widely regarded as one of the greatest female footballers of all time. Originally from Burnaby, BC, her soccer journey began at a young age when she showed remarkable talent and passion for the sport. Sinclair’s unwavering dedication to her craft and her innate leadership qualities have made her an icon in the world of women’s soccer.

Sinclair’s illustrious career is highlighted by his extraordinary goalscoring prowess and consistent performance on the pitch. She has an innate ability to find the back of the net from different positions, with her lethal strikes coming from both inside and outside the penalty area. His skill, vision and precision on the ball mesmerized fans and intimidated opponents.

One of Sinclair’s most notable accomplishments is her illustrious international career as a representative of Canada. She was a key figure on the Canadian national team for more than two decades, amassing an astonishing number of caps and becoming the team’s all-time leading scorer. Her leadership on and off the pitch earned her the captain’s armband, making her a respected and beloved figure among her teammates and fans.

Sinclair’s impact is not limited to his performance on the pitch; she was an influential advocate for women’s football and gender equality in sport. As a leading voice in the fight for equal opportunity for female athletes, Sinclair has used her platform to educate and empower the next generation of female gamers.

Beyond his international success, Sinclair has also made significant contributions to club soccer. She played for various National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) teams in the United States, leaving her mark at every club she represented.

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How old is Christine Sinclair?

As 2023 dawns, we celebrate the remarkable Christine Sinclair, a beacon of hope and inspiration in the world of soccer. Born on June 12, 1983 in the bustling city of Burnaby, Canada, she honors the sport with her timeless talent and leadership. At 40, Sinclair’s passion for the game burns hotter than ever.

Her journey has been nothing short of extraordinary and she continues to defy expectations year after year. As a striker, she showcases her finesse and skill, leaving viewers in awe of her unparalleled abilities. His captaincy of National Women’s Soccer League club Portland Thorns FC and the Canadian National Team is a testament to his unwavering dedication and magnetic leadership.

How tall is Christine Sinclair?

Canadian soccer legend Christine Sinclair boasts a height of 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm) and maintains a weight of 58 kg (128 lbs). This combination of height and weight has proven advantageous in her role as a striker on the football pitch.

Standing 5ft 9in, Sinclair’s height gives him an advantage in aerial duels, allowing him to compete effectively in the air on set pieces and scoring opportunities. His stature also helps shield the ball from opponents and provide a strong physical presence on the pitch.

Weighing in at 128lbs (58kg), Sinclair strikes a balance between strength and agility, allowing him to maneuver gracefully across the pitch while maintaining the power to unleash deadly shots on goal. His weight contributes to his overall athleticism, allowing him to excel in various aspects of the game, including dribbling, passing, and defensive contributions.

Christine Sinclair Biography

Christine Sinclair, a name that resonates with football greatness and leadership like no other. Born on June 12, 1983 in Burnaby, British Columbia, this Canadian wonder crafted a football journey that leaves us all in awe.

Imagine this: a young girl, lacing her boots, with a sparkle in her eyes and a passion that knows no bounds. This was the start of Sinclair’s extraordinary football odyssey. As a striker, she possesses a unique blend of skill and finesse that has made her an unstoppable force on the pitch.

But wait, there’s more! Not only does Sinclair showcase her talent at the club level, but she also juggles the responsibility of leading both National Women’s Soccer League club Portland Thorns FC and the Canadian national team. Talk about wearing multiple crowns with grace!

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His illustrious career is dotted with accolades and honors that shine like stars in the night sky. From the Order of British Columbia to the Olympics and numerous Canadian Player of the Year awards, Sinclair has a trophy cabinet to rival any soccer legend.

But it’s not just his accomplishments on the pitch that are captivating the world. Sinclair’s unwavering dedication and leadership qualities have earned him immense respect from his teammates and fans. She’s not just a captain; she is an inspiration to aspiring football stars around the world

Real name

Christine Margaret Sinclair


Christine Sinclair

Date of birth

June 12, 1983


40 years


5 feet 9 inches (175cm)


58 kg (128 lbs)

Place of birth

Burnaby, Canada




Canadian professional footballer



Eye colour


Hair color

Dark brown


Simon Fraser University

Zodiac sign



Bill Sinclair and Sandra Sinclair

sexual orientation


John Legend social media accounts

instagram Click here
Twitter Click here
sound cloud Not available
Youtube Not available
LinkedIn Not available
Facebook Not available

Christine Sinclair Nationality

Christine Sinclair’s nationality is Canadian, a source of immense pride for her and her country. A native of Burnaby, British Columbia, Sinclair represented Canada on the international soccer scene for more than two decades, making her one of the most iconic and influential athletes in Canadian sports history.

His unwavering commitment to wearing the red and white jersey earned him national hero status, capturing the hearts of fans across the country. As captain of the Canadian national team, she led her compatriots with grace and determination, instilling a sense of unity and determination in her teammates.

Sinclair’s Canadian heritage has been an essential part of her identity throughout her career, and she has been a symbol of pride and inspiration to aspiring athletes across the country. Her accomplishments and accomplishments have not only elevated her status in the world of soccer, but have also made her a cherished figure in Canadian culture, forever anchored in the country’s sporting heritage.

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Christine Sinclair Career

Christine Sinclair’s illustrious career is a woven tapestry of talent, perseverance and an unwavering dedication to soccer. From her beginnings as a young girl kicking a ball in Burnaby, British Columbia, to becoming one of the most famous players in the world, her journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.

As a striker, Sinclair’s goalscoring prowess is unmatched and she has repeatedly demonstrated her ability to find the back of the net in even the most difficult of situations. His skill, vision and precision on the ball mesmerized fans and intimidated opponents.

Representing Canada internationally, Sinclair amassed an impressive number of caps and became the all-time leading scorer in men’s and women’s soccer. His leadership qualities shine brightly as captain of the Canadian national team and National Women’s Soccer League club, Portland Thorns FC.

Throughout her career, Sinclair has won numerous accolades, including multiple Canadian Player of the Year awards, Olympic medals and FIFA World Cup appearances. Beyond her success on the pitch, she has used her platform to advocate for women’s sport and equal opportunity in sport.

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