Davohnte Morgan: A Mysterious Disappearance Raises Questions

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The baffling disappearance of 28-year-old Davohnte Morgan during a trip to Mt. Shasta, California, in May 2020 continues to intrigue and concern investigators and the public alike. The Investigation Discovery series, ‘Disappeared: Mountain of Mystery,’ delves into the puzzling case that has left many wondering about the fate of this young man. As more than three years have passed since his vanishing, the questions surrounding his disappearance persist.

Who Was Davohnte Morgan?

Born on March 15, 1992, in San Francisco, California, Davohnte Van Morgan was described as a special child by his mother, Terri Barnes. He had a distinctive stutter but was eloquent when singing or rapping. Known for his active role in the community, Davohnte was a responsible leader who devoted his time to helping children at his church and attending various social functions. His dedication to never missing a family occasion, be it a wedding, birthday party, or baby shower, showcased his commitment to loved ones.

Davohnte’s life took an unexpected turn when he began dating a girlfriend in 2019. Their relationship was characterized by spontaneity and whirlwind adventures, including beach trips, vacations, and even a visit to Las Vegas. However, the relationship ended abruptly, leading to a mysterious chain of events.

Davohnte Morgan missing
Davohnte Morgan missing

The Disappearance

The alarm was raised on May 7, 2020, when Davohnte’s former girlfriend reported him missing. According to her, their relationship ended on the night of May 4, but they spent the night together at Cold Creek Inn on North Mt. Shasta Boulevard, as confirmed by the Mount Shasta Police Department (MSPD). On the morning of May 5, when she returned to the motel after watching the sunrise, she allegedly encountered Davohnte, but no words were exchanged. This encounter would become the last known sighting of Davohnte.

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Initially hesitant to report his disappearance, the former girlfriend eventually approached MSPD on May 6, 2020, to discuss Davohnte’s vanishing. His details were entered into the missing persons’ system, and social media appeals were made to generate leads across the state.

Davohnte Morgan missing
Davohnte Morgan missing

The Investigation

MSPD Lieutenant Joe Restine deemed the circumstances of Davohnte’s disappearance highly suspicious, prompting an active investigation. Surveillance footage showed Davohnte walking past the police department on the day he was last seen, corroborating the timeline of events. Multiple law enforcement agencies collaborated on the case, including the San Francisco Police Department, Fresno Police Department, Redding FBI, and the California Department of Justice.

Surveillance footage revealed Davohnte’s movements around Mt. Shasta on May 5, 2020, covering about 2.25 miles over an hour. However, the footage abruptly ended, raising concerns as it was after his last reported sighting. Investigators analyzed footage from ten cameras at six locations to trace his movements during the crucial 72-hour period.

Dead or Alive?

The search for Davohnte extended to the use of cadaver dogs and comprehensive grid searches in the Mt. Shasta wilderness area. His cell phone’s last ping was recorded in Oakland on May 3, 2020, one day before he traveled to Mt. Shasta. Despite efforts to trace his financial activities, including credit card use, Davohnte’s whereabouts remain unknown.

Davohnte’s family remains deeply concerned and has questioned the circumstances surrounding his disappearance. They believe his former girlfriend may hold crucial information about his vanishing. After over three years of searching, Davohnte’s case is far from forgotten. MSPD Sergeant Devon Priddy emphasized the ongoing nature of the investigation and its priority within the department.

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Described as a 5’11” African-American man with distinctive features, including a mustache, goatee, and a tattoo on his left hand, Davohnte was last seen wearing black sweatpants, a black turtleneck, and San Francisco 49ers slide rubber sandals. A $25,000 reward is being offered for information regarding his disappearance, and his family has hired a private investigator.

The mystery surrounding Davohnte Morgan’s disappearance continues, and authorities are urging anyone with information to come forward. Those who may have surveillance footage from the morning of May 5, 2020, or any information are encouraged to contact MSPD at (530) 926-7540 or Cook & Associates Private Investigators at (707) 839-7422. Anonymity is assured for those who wish to provide information.