Doctor Tyler Bigenho Scandal Twitter: Unraveling the Viral Controversy in Chiropractic Care

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In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, reputations can be built or shattered in moments. Dr. Tyler Bigenho, a chiropractic specialist from California, known as “Doc Tyler,” has found himself at the center of a storm. This article delves into the intricate details of the unfolding scandal surrounding a viral Twitter video, examining its implications for both the medical community and social media ethics.

Doctor Tyler Bigenho Scandal video Twitter
Doctor Tyler Bigenho Scandal video Twitter

I. Who is Dr. Tyler Bigenho?

Dr. Tyler Bigenho’s journey into chiropractic care and natural healing is as intriguing as it is inspiring. Raised in Huntington Beach, California, his early life set the stage for a career deeply rooted in a passion for health and wellness. With a degree in Neuroscience from UC Riverside and a Doctorate in Chiropractic from the Southern California University of Health Sciences, Dr. Bigenho became a licensed chiropractor in Newport Beach, gaining a reputation for patient-centric care.

Dr. Tyler Bigenho is a distinguished chiropractor based in Newport Beach, California, whose journey into the field of chiropractic care is marked by passion, dedication, and a commitment to holistic health. Born and raised in the sunny environs of Huntington Beach, California, Dr. Bigenho’s early life fostered a profound interest in the human body and its intricate workings.

Early Life and Education: From a young age, Dr. Bigenho exhibited a keen fascination with physical health and well-being. Growing up in an active environment in Huntington Beach, he developed a curiosity about the capabilities of the human body. This curiosity laid the foundation for his academic journey.

Dr. Bigenho’s educational path commenced at the University of California, Riverside, where he pursued a rigorous academic program. Here, he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Neuroscience, delving into the complexities of the nervous system and its interconnectedness with the rest of the body. This academic background equipped him with a solid foundation for understanding the intricate aspects of human health.

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Passion for Natural Healing: Dr. Bigenho’s inclination towards natural healing methods became apparent during his academic pursuits. His exploration of various holistic health approaches eventually led him to the philosophy of chiropractic care. Intrigued by the emphasis on the body’s innate healing processes and the pivotal role of the spine in overall health, he decided to delve deeper into this field.

Professional Journey and Achievements: Driven by a commitment to holistic well-being, Dr. Bigenho pursued a Doctorate in Chiropractic at the Southern California University of Health Sciences. His academic excellence was underscored by graduating Summa Cum Laude, a testament to his dedication and expertise in the realm of chiropractic care.

Post-graduation, Dr. Bigenho became a licensed chiropractic practitioner in Newport Beach, California. Here, he established himself as a respected figure in the community, known for his skilled and compassionate approach to chiropractic care. His practice, built on the principles of natural healing, quickly gained recognition, attracting patients from diverse backgrounds seeking his expertise.

Recent Controversy: However, his recent involvement in a viral Twitter video, dubbed the “Doc Tyler scandal Twitter,” has thrown a spotlight on his practices and sparked a wider discussion about chiropractic care, social media ethics, and the responsibilities of healthcare professionals in the digital age. As the controversy unfolds, Dr. Bigenho’s professional journey takes a pivotal turn, shaping discussions on the intersection of healthcare, public perception, and online visibility.

Doctor Tyler Bigenho Scandal
Doctor Tyler Bigenho Scandal

II. The Controversy on Twitter: The Content of the Viral Video

The serene landscape of Twitter was recently disrupted by what has come to be known as the “Doc Tyler scandal Twitter.” Dr. Tyler Bigenho, a well-respected chiropractor based in Newport Beach, California, found himself at the epicenter of a heated debate following the release of a particular video on the social media platform. Known affectionately as “Doc Tyler” to his patients and followers, this controversy has opened a Pandora’s box of ethical questions, triggering public outcry and putting a glaring spotlight on chiropractic practices and the role of social media in the medical profession.

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The Content of the Viral Video: The video at the heart of the controversy features Dr. Tyler Bigenho in action, performing a spinal adjustment on a young patient. While spinal adjustments are a common practice in chiropractic care, the intensity and vigor with which the adjustment was executed in this particular video raised immediate concern and ignited a fierce debate among viewers.

In the clip, the forceful manipulation of the patient’s spine was unmistakable, prompting questions about the safety and ethics of such procedures. While some viewers were impressed by what they perceived as Dr. Bigenho’s skill and confidence, others were alarmed, considering the treatment method overly aggressive. The rapid spread of the clip on Twitter, accumulating hundreds of thousands of views, gave birth to the “Doc Tyler scandal Twitter.”

Public Reaction and Ethical Concerns: The controversial video, with its dramatic portrayal of chiropractic care, divided the online community. Supporters of Dr. Bigenho cited personal positive experiences or defended the need for robust techniques in specific medical situations. Conversely, critics accused him of endangering patients and practicing unethically.

The controversy has not only questioned Dr. Bigenho’s practices but has also triggered a broader debate about the nature of chiropractic care, the responsibilities of medical professionals on social media, and the role of the public in scrutinizing medical practices. This viral incident serves as a catalyst for discussions on patient safety, professional conduct in the digital age, and the fine line between informative content and sensationalism on social media platforms. As the online debate rages on, the “Doc Tyler scandal Twitter” remains a vivid illustration of the potent impact of social media on shaping public perception and professional reputations within the healthcare industry.

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III. Doc Tyler’s Defense and Public Statements

Facing public outcry, Dr. Tyler Bigenho responded with a detailed statement, emphasizing patient safety, informed consent, and the context of chiropractic procedures. Despite the controversy, a significant portion of his patient community rallied in his defense, highlighting positive experiences and the effectiveness of his treatments.

Doctor Tyler Bigenho Scandal video Twitter
Doctor Tyler Bigenho Scandal video Twitter

IV. Medical Community Reaction to the Video

The broader medical community expressed skepticism and criticism regarding the techniques displayed. Concerns were raised about potential misrepresentation and the need for responsible social media use by healthcare professionals. While some defended the chiropractic care methods shown, others emphasized the importance of evidence-based practices and ongoing research in the field.

V. Implications for Chiropractic Care and Social Media Ethics

The “Doc Tyler scandal Twitter” has ignited a broader debate about the nature of chiropractic care, the responsibilities of medical professionals on social media, and the public’s role in scrutinizing medical practices. It serves as a reminder of the powerful impact of social media in shaping public perception and professional reputations in the healthcare industry.


As the controversy unfolds, the “Doc Tyler scandal Twitter” stands as a pivotal moment in the intersection of chiropractic care, social media, and public discourse. The implications reach beyond an individual practitioner, prompting discussions on patient safety, responsible online conduct, and the evolving landscape of healthcare in the digital age.