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Ade Edmondson’s Leg Accident: Through an unfortunate turn of events, the actor got stuck on a ledge while trying to clear his windows. Among the curious onlookers, he had to be rescued by the fire department.

Ade Edmondson is a multifaceted and talented actor, comedian, musician and author who has entertained audiences for over four decades.

The English actor rose to fame in the 1980s as one of the pioneers of alternative comedy, starring in cult classics like ‘The Young Ones’, ‘The Comic Strip Presents’ and ‘Bottom’.

He has also demonstrated his breadth and depth in such dramas as War and Peace, Holby City and Bancroft. The renowned comedian is the founder and frontman of the folk-punk band The Bad Shepherds.

A Bradford native, he is also the author of several books including his memoirs and children’s novels. In today’s article, we learn more about his leg accident while exploring his illness and health condition.

Update on Ade Edmondson’s leg accident

Edmondson had no leg injuries or other accidents.

But when he decided to wash his windows over a bank holiday weekend in May 2021, Ade found himself in danger and embarrassed.

Ade Edmondson's leg accident
Ade Edmondson accidentally got stuck on a ledge while cleaning windows in May 2021. (Image source: Daily Mail)

The comedian climbed out of his window onto a ledge in hopes of making his panes of glass sparkle. But he soon realized that he had made a terrible mistake.

He was trapped on the ledge and couldn’t get back in. He looked around, hoping to find someone who could help him.

He spotted a passerby and called for his attention. The passerby, who recognized the famous star, was shocked and amused by the situation. He called the fire department, who arrived shortly thereafter.

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By now a small curious crowd had gathered, enjoying the spectacle of seeing a celebrity in distress.

The firefighters were professional and courteous, but couldn’t help but smile slightly as they rescued Ade from his predicament.

Ade was grateful and relieved, but also ashamed of the whole ordeal. He later shared his story on Twitter, joking it sounded like something his character in “Bottom” would do.

He also asked his followers how their holiday went, hoping to hear more happy stories.

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Ade Edmondson Disease and Health 2023

Ade Edmondson has no illnesses or health problems. Also, he seems to be doing well as he has been working on various projects lately.

However, in early 2022, the comedian opened up that he’s lived with suicidal thoughts his entire life.

Ade Edmondson's leg accident
Ade Edmondson said he had had suicidal thoughts his entire life. (Image source: The Guardian)

The comedian elaborated on this in an autobiographical essay he wrote for BBC Radio 3’s The Essay called Signs of Life.

In the article, Ade Edmondson recalls being given sedatives by a college doctor after he attempted suicide on his motorcycle after a failed marriage.

He said he began to see his suicidal thoughts as normal once he found success as a comedian. After several decades, the actor opened up with his wife Jennifer Saunders.

She tried her best to convince him to seek help, but the comedian wasn’t convinced until some of his close friends took their own lives.

Edmondson said he realized how violent these actions were for all who remained.

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He added, “You shock so many people, and I have decided never to cause so much suffering. Choosing not to commit suicide is life changing.”

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