Inquisitor Ghost’s TikTok Account Disappears After CoD Cosplayer’s Controversial Situation

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The digital realm is often a stage for the extraordinary, where creators and influencers craft their personas and share their passions with the world. One such figure, known as ‘Inquisitor Ghost,’ captured the hearts of over 100,000 followers on TikTok with his impeccable portrayal of Call of Duty’s enigmatic character, Simon “Ghost” Riley. However, what initially appeared to be a shining example of the power of cosplay and online influence took a dramatic and unsettling turn.

Inquisitor Ghost’s TikTok account, a platform where he had shared his remarkable cosplays and garnered a dedicated fanbase, abruptly vanished from the social media landscape. This mysterious disappearance has left his followers bewildered and concerned, as it came on the heels of a series of distressing events that had shaken the online community.

At the center of this tumultuous situation lies a controversial and deeply troubling narrative, one that transcends the realm of gaming and cosplay to delve into the complexities of online existence. This article delves into the enigmatic tale of Inquisitor Ghost’s TikTok account, tracing the path from cosplay stardom to a situation riddled with accusations and ultimately leading to the disappearance of his digital presence. It examines the factors that contributed to the controversy surrounding this cosplayer and explores the unanswered questions that continue to perplex his followers.

Inquisitor Ghost’s TikTok Account
Inquisitor Ghost’s TikTok Account
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The sudden disappearance of ‘Inquisitor Ghost’s’ TikTok account has sent shockwaves through the online community, shedding light on the controversial situation surrounding the popular Call of Duty (CoD) cosplayer. Inquisitor Ghost, an Italian cosplayer known for his striking portrayal of Call of Duty’s Simon “Ghost” Riley, had amassed a substantial following on TikTok, boasting over 100,000 dedicated fans. His unique cosplay combined elements of ‘Ghost’ from CoD and ‘The Inquisitor’ from Star Wars.

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Inquisitor Ghost’s TikTok Account
Inquisitor Ghost’s TikTok Account

Inquisitor Ghost: A Cosplay Enigma

Inquisitor Ghost, whose real name remains a mystery, had risen to prominence within the cosplay community with his meticulous attention to detail in recreating the iconic CoD character, Ghost. Wearing a balaclava emblazoned with a skull, he brought the character to life in a way that resonated with fans worldwide. His creativity didn’t stop there; he seamlessly integrated elements of ‘The Inquisitor’ from Star Wars into his cosplay, adding a layer of intrigue to his character.

Inquisitor Ghost’s TikTok Account
Inquisitor Ghost’s TikTok Account

The Fall from Grace

Despite his initial success and growing popularity, Inquisitor Ghost’s online presence took a dramatic turn when serious allegations emerged, accusing him of grooming a minor. These allegations sent shockwaves through his fanbase and the wider online community. The controversy marked a significant setback in his online reputation and cast a shadow over his previously celebrated work.

Inquisitor Ghost’s TikTok Account
Inquisitor Ghost’s TikTok Account

The Live Stream Tragedy

The situation took an even darker turn when, on October 9, reports began to circulate that Inquisitor Ghost may have taken his own life during a live stream. During the live stream, viewers could hear disturbing sounds as someone appeared to be attempting to escape from a dimly lit room. The distressing scene unfolded as a person was seen performing CPR on someone, just out of view of the camera.

While the exact circumstances surrounding his death have not been officially confirmed, the online community was left in shock and disbelief. Many viewers believed that Inquisitor Ghost had tragically passed away. In response to this, a wave of videos and petitions memorializing the TikTok influencer began to surface online, as his fans sought a way to cope with the grief and confusion.

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The Vanishing Act

Adding a layer of intrigue to the situation, on October 12, fans noticed that Inquisitor Ghost’s TikTok account, which was known as ‘inquisitore3,’ was no longer accessible. Instead, those attempting to access the account were met with a message that simply read, “Couldn’t find this account.” The sudden disappearance of his TikTok account further fueled speculations and discussions within the online community.

@skywlkerae After his live ended this was the first song to show up on my for you page. It was titled “song of the day” and I remember how I just sobbed at like 1 am. I am truly shocked and frustrated about this whole situation. I don’t understand how DARE these people try to ruin a life, in this case even take it, out of boredom? Envy? For fun? I hope the people responsible, especially Tito and his gf know not just the fact that this is a literal crime, defamation, and that you have taken a life. There’s a place for you in the deepest part of hell. My condolences go to his family. I can’t even begin to fathom what it’s like to lose a son, a brother, to something like this. I truly wish this would’ve ended different and people wouldn’t immediately believe they hear with no real proof. It’s sad to see what this community has become lately. I never knew him personally but Vincent will be dearly missed. Rest in peace, love, and may the force be with you 🕊❤️ #inquisitor #inquisitore3 #inquisitorghost #inquisitor3 #ripinquisitor #restinpeace ♬ original sound – masked men hmu fr

Unanswered Questions and Speculations

The reasons for the account’s disappearance remain uncertain. Some speculate that it could be related to the live stream on October 9. TikTok’s Community Guidelines explicitly prohibit content that promotes self-harm or suicide, and the distressing nature of the live stream may have triggered the platform’s action.

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However, there are still unanswered questions. It’s unclear whether TikTok deleted the account due to a policy violation or if it was deleted by Inquisitor Ghost himself, a friend, or a family member. The mysterious circumstances have left fans seeking more information and concrete news regarding this distressing situation.

@nootsoGiustizia per Inquisitor Ghost

♬ suono originale – Andrea Nuzzo


The disappearance of Inquisitor Ghost’s TikTok account adds an additional layer of intrigue and uncertainty to the ongoing story. While his death remains unconfirmed, the online community is left in search of answers and clarity. In this complex and evolving situation, one thing is clear: the controversy surrounding Inquisitor Ghost serves as a stark reminder of the challenges that influencers and content creators face in the age of digital media.