Israeli Defense Forces Arrest Aziz Dweik, Palestinian Legislative Council Speaker and Hamas Leader

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 In a significant development, Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) conducted an overnight raid in the West Bank, resulting in the arrest of Aziz Dweik, the Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council and a senior leader of Hamas. This operation has raised concerns and sparked international attention due to Dweik’s prominent role in Palestinian politics, where he is widely regarded as the Interim-President of the Palestinian National Authority. This article delves into the details of this arrest, the implications for the Palestinian territories, and the broader context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Aziz Dweik
Aziz Dweik

Aziz Dweik

A Key Figure in Palestinian Politics: Aziz Dweik, a senior Hamas leader, has played a pivotal role in Palestinian politics for several years. He was democratically elected as the Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council in 2006 during parliamentary elections. Following this victory, he became a prominent figure representing Palestinian interests in the West Bank. The Palestinian Legislative Council holds a vital role in shaping the political landscape of the Palestinian territories and represents the Palestinian National Authority in many regards.

Aziz Dweik
Aziz Dweik
Biographical Information
Full Name Aziz Dweik
Arabic Name عزيز دويك ʿAzīz Dowēk
Date of Birth January 12, 1948
Nationality Palestinian
Ph.D. Regional and Architecture Planning
University University of Pennsylvania
Marital Status Married
Children Seven (including a school principal and medical/pharmacy students)
Political Affiliation
Hamas Yes
The Muslim Brotherhood Yes
Political Career
Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) Since January 18, 2006
Interim President of the Palestinian National Authority Multiple periods, including October 19, 2016 – present (according to some Palestinians)
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Notable Events and Arrests
2006 Elections Elected to the PLC on the Change and Reform list
2006 Arrest Arrested during Israel’s Operation Summer Rains
2009 Release Released from prison before the end of his three-year sentence
2012 Arrest Detained at an Israeli Army checkpoint and placed under Administrative detention
2012 Release Released in July 2012 and congratulated by President Mohammed Morsi of Egypt
2014 Arrest Rearrested following the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teens
2015 Release Released on June 9, 2015
2023 Arrest Arrested again on October 13, 2023


Dweik’s Arrest and Its Implications

The arrest of Aziz Dweik by the Israeli Defense Forces has added a layer of complexity to the already strained Israeli-Palestinian relations. While the IDF has not provided specific details about the reasons for Dweik’s arrest, the incident has raised concerns and fueled protests in the West Bank. In the eyes of many Palestinians, Dweik is not only the Speaker of the Legislative Council but also serves as the Interim-President of the Palestinian National Authority, particularly since the political divide between Fatah and Hamas has prevented the holding of presidential elections.

Israeli Defense Forces Arrest Aziz Dweik
Israeli Defense Forces Arrest Aziz Dweik

The Timing and Context

This arrest comes at a sensitive time in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as both sides grapple with a long-standing impasse. The recent escalation of tensions in the region, including the ongoing settlement issue, the status of Jerusalem, and the ongoing blockade of Gaza, has heightened the stakes. The arrest of a key political figure like Aziz Dweik is likely to exacerbate these tensions further.

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Israeli Defense Forces Arrest Aziz Dweik
Israeli Defense Forces Arrest Aziz Dweik

International Reactions

The international community has closely followed the developments surrounding Aziz Dweik’s arrest. Palestinian officials and factions, particularly those within Hamas, have condemned the arrest as an infringement on Palestinian sovereignty. Meanwhile, Israeli authorities have defended the arrest, citing security concerns.

It is expected that Dweik’s arrest will become a focal point for international diplomatic efforts to de-escalate the situation and seek a peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


The arrest of Aziz Dweik, the Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council and senior Hamas leader, by the Israeli Defense Forces has ignited concerns and protests in the West Bank. It has significant implications for Palestinian politics, as many Palestinians consider Dweik as the Interim-President of the Palestinian National Authority. The timing of this arrest in the midst of escalating regional tensions further complicates the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. International actors will likely intensify their diplomatic efforts to address this issue and work towards a more stable and peaceful future in the region.