Jason Pass Wiki: Uncovering Details of the Jason Pass Shooting Video

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In a shocking and tragic incident that has left a community in Brooklyn, New York, in disbelief, Jason Pass, a 47-year-old man, has come under the spotlight after a horrifying shooting incident that resulted in the deaths of his neighbors. This incident, which unfolded on a seemingly ordinary Sunday, October 29, 2023, has been captured in a video that has since gone viral, leaving many to question the circumstances that led to such a brutal act.

Jason Pass Wiki
Jason Pass Wiki

The Violent Incident

The story begins in a Brooklyn apartment building where Jason Pass lived. In an apartment directly below his, lived Bladimy Mathurin, 47, along with his wife, Marie Delille, and her two children, one of whom was Chin Wai Mode, aged 27. Both families had apparently been involved in a long-standing dispute over what initially appeared to be a minor issue: noise.

It was reported that Pass had made multiple calls to 311, New York City’s non-emergency services line, since March 2022, complaining about the constant noise coming from the apartment above. The noise dispute had, in fact, escalated over time, with the neighbors having quarreled on several occasions prior to the tragic incident. However, what transpired on that fateful Sunday would take a deadly turn.

On the day in question, surveillance video from the apartment building’s corridor captured the events leading to the fatal confrontation. The footage showed Jason Pass waiting by the stairs near the fourth-floor apartment of Bladimy Mathurin. Mathurin was seen attempting to get dressed by the door, unaware of the horror that would soon unfold.

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Shortly after, Marie Delille, Mathurin’s wife, emerged from the apartment, and an argument ensued between her and Pass. It was at this point that Bladimy Mathurin came out, holding what appeared to be a pair of scissors. His wife tried to pull him back, presumably attempting to de-escalate the situation.

The video shows Mathurin seemingly threatening Pass with the scissors, but his wife continued to intervene, attempting to pull him away from the altercation. Tragically, in the midst of this conflict, Jason Pass produced a gun, shooting both Bladimy Mathurin and Chin Wai Mode. The victims’ wife managed to flee into their apartment, barricading the door in desperation.

The surveillance footage then shows the suspect walking up to the wounded Bladimy Mathurin, who was lying by the door, and firing more shots into the victim before making his escape from the scene.

Jason Pass Shooting Video
Jason Pass Shooting Video

Manhunt for Jason Pass

Following the shocking and brutal incident, Jason Pass fled the scene, and a manhunt was initiated by authorities to locate him. His escape left the community and law enforcement agencies in a state of alarm and urgency.

Notably, Jason Pass had a checkered past. According to reports, he had previously worked as a correction officer at Sing Sing Correctional Facility in Westchester but was terminated from his position in 2005. This termination was linked to an incident in which he was accused of pointing a weapon at two plainclothes police officers during a road-rage confrontation on Ralph Avenue in Flatlands, Brooklyn. He faced charges of menacing and reckless endangerment, ultimately pleading guilty to disorderly conduct.

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Jason Pass Shooting Video
Jason Pass Shooting Video

While Jason Pass’s sister contended that her brother had acted in self-defense and had endured provocation, the victim’s wife had a different account. She revealed that Pass had frequently hurled xenophobic insults at her family, which had a Haitian heritage. The building’s management had also noted numerous complaints from both parties, yet the dispute remained unresolved, with mediation efforts proving fruitless.

Jason Pass Shooting Video
Jason Pass Shooting Video

Community Outrage and Online Backlash

The video capturing the shooting, now widely circulating on social media platforms, has ignited outrage and condemnation. Many online users have vehemently disputed the claim of self-defense and argue that the altercation, which started over a noise dispute, did not justify the violent response displayed by Jason Pass.

Brooklyn Councilwoman Farah Louis pointed out that Bladimy Mathurin was the breadwinner of his family, working as both an Uber driver and a school bus driver. His untimely death has left his family bereaved and grappling with the emotional and financial consequences of this tragic incident.

The Jason Pass shooting video has not only raised concerns about the escalation of minor disputes but has also spotlighted the importance of conflict resolution and the potential consequences when such conflicts are not adequately addressed.