The Danger of Prank Videos: Tanner Cook Shooting Incident Raises Concerns

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The world of YouTube is no stranger to prank videos, where creators devise humorous or startling scenarios to capture their audience’s attention. Tanner Cook, a 21-year-old YouTube star known for his prank videos, recently found himself at the center of a serious and concerning incident. In an attempt to entertain his viewers, a prank took an unexpectedly dangerous turn, resulting in Cook’s hospitalization after being shot. This shocking incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential risks and consequences associated with certain types of pranks in the world of online content creation.

tanner cook shooting video
tanner cook shooting video

Tanner Cook: The Prankster

Tanner Cook gained popularity on YouTube through his channel, “Classified Goons,” where he specialized in creating prank videos. With over 38,000 subscribers, Cook had built a substantial online presence. His content mainly revolved around elaborate and sometimes audacious pranks that garnered attention and reactions from his audience.

The Dulles Town Center Mall Incident

The incident that shook the YouTube community occurred during one of Cook’s prank attempts at the Dulles Town Center mall. While pranks are often harmless and intended for comedic purposes, this particular episode went horribly wrong. Cook’s ill-fated prank targeted Alan Colie, a 31-year-old mall-goer who happened to be carrying a firearm.

tanner cook shooting video
tanner cook shooting video

A Prank Gone Awry

On that fateful day, Tanner Cook executed a prank that went sideways when he unknowingly chose the wrong person as his target. Alan Colie, legally armed, perceived the prank as a threat and reacted with violence. The consequences were dire, as Cook was shot and left with severe injuries to his stomach and liver.

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tanner cook shooting video
tanner cook shooting video

Legal Consequences

Alan Colie, the shooter, was taken into police custody and faced multiple charges, including aggravated malicious wounding, using a firearm to commit a felony, and firing a weapon within a building. The incident rapidly escalated, and Cook’s name became publicly associated with the case, despite the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office not officially disclosing the victim’s identity.

tanner cook shooting video
tanner cook shooting video

Tanner Cook Speaks Out

Despite his grave injuries, Tanner Cook communicated with the media from his hospital bed. He shared his side of the story, emphasizing that his prank was meant to be a harmless practical joke. Cook expressed his disbelief that the situation escalated to violence, stating that “this guy didn’t take it very well.” This incident highlights the potential dangers of pranks, even when the intention is not malicious.

Online Community Reaction

The YouTube and online communities reacted swiftly to the incident involving Tanner Cook. Prominent YouTuber Jidon “JiDion” issued a plea to fellow content creators, urging them to prioritize safety over content creation. This incident sparked important conversations about responsible content creation and the need to set boundaries, especially when pranks are involved.

A Reminder of the Risks

Tragically, Tanner Cook’s shooting incident is not the first time a prank video has resulted in violence. In 2020, 20-year-old Timothy Wilks was fatally shot while allegedly participating in a “prank” robbery being filmed for a YouTube video. Such incidents underscore the potential risks and severe consequences of certain types of pranks.


The Tanner Cook shooting incident serves as a stark reminder that the line between harmless entertainment and genuine danger can blur in the world of online content creation, especially in the realm of prank videos. Content creators must exercise caution, empathy, and good judgment when producing content for social media platforms. While humor and entertainment are essential, they should never come at the cost of someone’s safety or well-being. Tanner Cook’s story is a sobering lesson for both creators and viewers, highlighting the critical need for responsible and considerate content creation in today’s digital age.