Tristan Sherry Viral Stabbing Video: Unveiling the Browne’s Steakhouse Tragedy and GoFundMe Campaign

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In the heart of Blanchardstown, the joyous ambiance of Christmas Eve at Browne’s Steakhouse took a sinister turn, marking the inception of a tragic event that has sent shockwaves through the community. The untimely demise of Tristan Sherry unfolded in a disturbing narrative captured by a viral stabbing video, shedding light on the Browne’s Steakhouse tragedy. As the graphic footage reverberates across social media, this article endeavors to delve into the layers of the incident, unraveling the harrowing details exposed in the video and exploring the compassionate response manifested in the form of a GoFundMe campaign initiated by Sherry’s grieving family. Join us on a journey to comprehend the complexities surrounding the Browne’s Steakhouse tragedy, a story that extends beyond the confines of a restaurant to touch upon societal issues, the impact of social media, and the resilience of a community facing an unforeseen and heartbreaking ordeal.

Tristan Sherry Viral Stabbing Video
Tristan Sherry Viral Stabbing Video

The Viral Stabbing Video

A gruesome video circulating on social media platforms captures the gruesome final moments of Tristan Sherry. The footage, taken at close range, portrays Sherry lying on the ground, covered in blood, as he faces humiliation, stabbing, and a brutal blow to the head with a large object. Gardai are now aware of this shocking video, which has ignited widespread outrage, and efforts are underway to address its circulation.

Tristan Sherry Viral Stabbing Video
Tristan Sherry Viral Stabbing Video

The Browne’s Steakhouse Tragedy

The tragic incident unfolded when Tristan Sherry allegedly barged into Browne’s Steakhouse, targeting a well-known west Dublin criminal and his associates. Sherry’s attempt to open fire resulted in chaos, leading to his overpowering, being knocked to the ground, and fatally stabbed. The intended targets, a well-known criminal and his father, suffered injuries in the attack, with the father remaining in serious condition.

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Tristan Sherry Viral Stabbing Video
Tristan Sherry Viral Stabbing Video

Social Media Response and Concerns

The disturbing video has gained significant traction on social media platform X, accumulating nearly 100,000 views. Gardai have issued warnings against sharing these graphic videos due to their sensitive nature. The incident raises concerns about the desensitization of violence on social media and the ethical responsibilities of platforms to address such content promptly.

Gangland Feud and Investigations

Sources indicate a potential link between the shooting and the ongoing Corduff drugs and gangland feud, adding another layer to the complex history of violent incidents in the area. As Gardai anticipate further reprisals, a murder investigation is set to be launched. Video evidence and social media posts, including one mocking the incident shared by the targeted criminal, contribute to the complexities surrounding the tragedy.

Outpouring of Grief and a Family’s Heartache

Tristan Sherry’s mother, Marey, expressed her heartache on social media, describing her son as an “amazing son, brother, father, and friend.” The tragedy marks the second loss for the family, as Sherry’s father passed away last year. A GoFundMe campaign has been initiated to assist with funeral costs, reflecting the community’s response to the heartbreaking incident.


The Browne’s Steakhouse tragedy, epitomized in the viral stabbing video, serves as a stark reminder of the pervasive influence of gang violence and its profound impact. As investigations unfold, the incident prompts reflections on broader societal issues, the role of social media in disseminating sensitive content, and the urgent need for collective action to address the root causes of such violence. The GoFundMe campaign emerges as a testament to the community’s solidarity in the face of tragedy, offering support to the grieving family.