Update Who Is Maricris Drouaillet, Maya Millete Sister?

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Maya Millete’s sister Maricris Drouaillet has been actively campaigning for justice for her sister and children as her body has not been found.

Maya Millete, a missing wife and mother from Chula Vista, has been running the country since her kidnapping. Maricris Drouaillet, Maya’s sister, has emerged as a powerful advocate for justice and the well-being of her sister’s children amid the ongoing hunt for Maya.

Maya “May” Millete is a Filipino-American woman who went missing on January 7, 2021 in Chula Vista, California. The police are investigating her disappearance.

Millete was last seen at the family home around 5pm, having called a divorce lawyer earlier that day. The next day, Larry Millete was filmed reversing his black Lexus GX 460 where the rear of the car could not be seen.

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Who is Maricris Drouaillet, Maya Millete’s sister? Wikipedia and age

Maricris Drouaillet is the sister of Maya Millete, a Filipino American who went missing in Chula Vista, California in January 2021.

During this challenging and emotional time, Maricris Drouaillet was a staunch supporter of her sister and children. She is determined to provide them with a stable and caring home while she investigates Maya’s disappearance and alleged murder.

Marricis Drouaillet appears to be in his late 30s. She is married to her husband Richard Drouaillet.

Maya Millete sister
Maya Millete with her husband Richard Drouaillet. (Source: cbsnews)

Much more information about her is not available online as she has been focused on getting justice for her sister and children.

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Her commitment to justice and child custody is evident as she continues to testify in court and actively participate in the ongoing court proceedings in the Maya case.

Maricris Drouaillet was an outspoken supporter of her sister and children.

Maricris Drouaillet is seeking custody of Maya’s three children who are currently in the care of their paternal grandparents and are seeking justice.

Larry Millete remains in prison awaiting murder trial, and Maya’s sister has been granted visitation rights.

Maricris Drouaillet Maya Millete Sister: Missing Case Update

Maricris Drouaillet’s sister, Maya Millete, had confided in her about her plans to leave her husband Larry Millete and pursue a potentially nasty divorce. Maya expressed concerns about her financial situation and asked her siblings for financial help in hiring a lawyer.

Conflicts between Maya and Larry were evident, and Maricris suspected that these escalating issues could be at the root of her sister’s kidnapping.

Maya Millete sister
Maya Millete and her sister Maricris Drouaillet (Credit: Meaww)

Maricris Drouaillet testified in the San Diego Superior Court regarding the events leading up to her sister’s disappearance during the ongoing Maya Millete trial.

Her testimony provided important information about Maya’s state of mind prior to her escape. The court hearing is designed to determine if there is enough evidence to proceed with the trial of Larry Miller, who was later arrested and charged with the murder of his wife.

Larry Millete was arrested and charged with murdering Maya after she went missing, but her body has yet to be found. Despite the difficulties, Maricris and her family have searched for answers and hoped for Maya’s safe return.

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The search for Maya Millete’s body has been ongoing since July 23, 2023 and her case has garnered significant public attention.

The court case against Larry Millete is ongoing and Maricris Drouaillet continues to play an important role in seeking justice and information about her sister’s disappearance and the well-being of her children.

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